Santos & Knafla


Santos & Knafla, founded as a Portuguese-German Cooperation, is a roaster of traditional Portuguese Coffee, based in Portugal.

Although we consider ourselves as a modern coffee company, we agreed to keep up the old Portuguese tradition of slow and careful roasting, mixing it with the more recent trends.

That is our philosophy, to maintain the traditional way of Portuguese Coffee Culture and add some modern influences.


The aroma of freshly roasted coffee is evocative,

intoxicating and absolutely delicious.


Our roastmaster, who has been roasting coffee for more than 42 years, is a real expert.

By sensing the coffee beans perfume, hearing the beans “cracking”, witnessing the color of the beans change towards their optimum roast, he uses all of his craftsmanship to deliver a perfect roast for every single roast of our blends.

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“ We are heirs of one of the most world known flavour

and we commit ourselves to preserve it.

Combining traditional techniques with modern technology

we create the most unforgettable flavours and senses.“

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Because a simple moment is worth sharing

preferably with a hot cup of coffee

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