Product of these range have separately roasted varieties and are roasted slightly lighter than the Café Santos blends.

This offers you more possibilities to enjoy your coffee with different brewing methods!


Blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees, characterized by its softness and low acidity, strong aroma, body and lasting cream. Chocolate is the main olfactory notes, which provides a prolonged and delicate finish.

Blend of Robusta and Arabica, providing a strong but well balanced coffee. With low acidity, full-bodied and providing a thick and consistent cream! The olfactory notes lead us to nuts and chocolate. Distinguished also by the excellent aftertaste, distinctive and lasting.

Blend of Robustas and Arábicas, thus giving a strong coffee, low acidity, intense colour and full bodied, thick and persistent cream. The unmistakable olfactory notes lead us to Cacao and nuts. A full-bodied Expresso!