Product of these range have higher contents of Robusta beans.

The premixed blend with Arabica is roasted together, so the aroma from both varieties are combined while roasting. With a slightly darker roasting than at the blends of Santos & Knafla this culminate in a typical Portuguese Espresso!


Blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees, characterized by its softness and low acidity, strong aroma, body and lasting cream. Chocolate is the main olfactory notes, which provides a prolonged and delicate finish.

Blend of Robusta and Arabica, providing a strong but well balanced coffee. With low acidity, full-bodied and providing a thick and consistent cream! The olfactory notes lead us to nuts and chocolate. Distinguished also by the excellent aftertaste, distinctive and lasting.

Blend of Robustas and Arábicas, thus giving a strong coffee, low acidity, intense colour and full bodied, thick and persistent cream. The unmistakable olfactory notes lead us to Cacao and nuts. A full-bodied Expresso!