You are a sport addict???

You are regularly battling against your inner “Bastardo”???

Start your battle well prepared and get in mental balance by enjoying a “pre-work out” Espresso shot!
Well balanced aroma with full body and a good caffeine kick!

Caffeine can promote your endurance power to a certain extend. Caffeine was even on the Doping list up to 2004…

For you and your intense training units or competitions we created the “Bastardo” Sports Coffee!

The caffeine will help you mentally and physically in your work outs – no need for Energy drinks!

Bastardo is an espresso roast with thick crema, chocolate notes and an extra shot of caffeine due to the higher part of selected Robusta Coffee beans.

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before or while you boost your training
with a Bastardo Coffee!

Concerning Studies and web information Coffee can help your motivation, which means it becomes not as hard to defeat your inner “Bastardo”! And as you surely know, once this guy is conquered the training is a piece of cake!

By the way some carbon hydrates in form of a piece of cake go well with our coffee! And some studies also prove, that endurance strength and concentration is better when enjoyed a coffee before training. The caffeine stays in the blood for 3-4 hours.

But of course, the main issue is that you enjoy our coffee and not just gulp it down to improve your performance. We roasted our coffee as a balanced Espresso blend and even the pleasure to prepare and enjoy it makes your mind ready for a great workout!

If you keep your consume of the Bastardo within 2-3 shots a day, you are safe! If you take more than 3g caffeine (equals about 10-12 double shot of Bastardo) a day it becomes somewhat lethal!
Get checked by your doc if in doubt or pregnant!

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  1. Sven

    Der Espresso ist wirklich ideal für zwischen durch. Vor und nach dem Sport aber auch zu jeder anderen Gelegenheit. Ich kann in nur empfehlen. 💪👍🏻

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