Coffea Canephora (Robusta)
As the name foresees, this is a stronger species of commercial coffee. It is planted at lower altitudes and can endure higher temperatures than it’s cousin Arábica. The coffee drink resulting from its beans have as principal characteristics the intense and bitter flavour, a strong body and low acidity. Also it has more caffeine. It is widely used in the Portuguese coffee tradition as the blend basis, due to his ability to reduce the acidity of the drink as well as introducing the crema.
Coffea Arábica (Arábica)
Being the oldest coffee species known to man, it is also the most appreciated one. It is a fragile plant that grows and fruits only between 900 and 2000 meters of altitude, hence having high production costs. The coffee drink resulting from its beans, has as principal characteristics a subtle and perfumed aroma, light body, low bitterness and strong acidity. Unlike in many other countries, the Portuguese coffee tradition uses it as a part of the blend with other species. An all Arabica blend is not usual in our coffee culture.