The base of the Company Santos & Knafla, founded as a Portuguese-German Joint-Venture is the former roastery of IPAC Industria Portuguesa de Cafés. This roasting Company was founded in 1972 and roasted about 150 tonnes of coffee yearly, thus becoming a very well-known coffee brand in Portugal.
We had the great opportunity to take over the well maintained roasting facilities as well as some “ancient” machinery, where coffee was roasted over an open wood fire. This is a kind of museum and gives you an idea about what coffee roasting was like in former days.
So we are happy with our gas fired drum roaster and the hygienic conditions in the actual roasting facility. The standard procedures from HACCP (Hazard Analysis und Critical Control Point) helps us to maintain the high requirements in production of coffee.
In Santos & Knafla we agreed to keep up the old tradition of slow and careful roasting in drum roaster. Compared to industrial roasting with high amounts of beans roasted in a few minutes we take our time! The roasting takes about 20 minutes and our roast master is roasting coffee for 42 years. He is a real expert, checking the roasting grade every few moments prior to the end of the roasting. The smell, the “cracking” sound of the beans and his knowledge of the origins of the beans enables him to perform a perfect roast on the individual blends.
With such opportunities, we decided to get involved in the fantastic world of coffee roasting. All three of us love the smell of freshly grinded coffee. To find out what possibilities are offered from unspecificly smelling raw beans of different origins and the combination of their specific properties – developing to a magnificent coffee in an individual roasting session.
Even so it is only Luis who comes from the coffee side. Daniel and Hagen came from outside this business but sure were coffee addicts before!
The idea behind our young company Santos & Knafla is to maintain the traditional way of Portuguese Coffee Culture and add some modern influences.
This is already expressed in the different packages. Having a Retro-look in the Café Santos blends and a fresh, modern appearance in the Santos & Knafla Coffees.
We also decided intentionally to express this merging in the company name “Santos & Knafla” – even if the pronunciation may not be easy for everybody. But we are also pleased with the short form “S & K”!
The philosophy of Santos & Knafla is to produce a fresh coffee as it is known in Portugal and other south Mediterranean parts of different countries. This means strong body and great crema on the espresso without any additives and a manifold of aromas.
A good quality coffee for a reasonable price!
Coimbra – home town of S & K
Coimbra – Cultural Capital of Portugal (2003) is a University-City on the river Rio Mondego, 200km north of Lisbon and 100km south of Porto. Celtic, Roman and Moorish roots mark the interesting history of this City.
In the Old Town it is hard to choose which of the nice Cafés you should visit, especially in the higher part (Cidade Alta) towards the University you find very individual Bars and Cafés.
Coimbra University is one of the oldest Universities still operating in the world (located in Coimbra since 1537).
Ideal conditions to enjoy a coffee of the marvellous art of Portuguese coffee culture within a historic but never old-fashioned environment.
This inspired us to our decision to start roast coffee beans here!